Your Body


Shannon D Kneisler, known internationally as the "Bio-Golf Coach", is helping to bring excitement into the game of golf with the use of biomechanics, kinesiology, physics, and meta-physical techniques to enhance all golf games with the easiest and most approachable natural body type way to learn the game and have fun.

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Improve Your Game!

Each human body is unique, likewise, your true unique swing is waiting to be revealed.  Learn more about the natural mechanics of your body, your swing and learn how to improve your game!

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Balance Your Life!

When your mind and body are in balance, your golf game has a solid foundation for winning consistency.   The game of golf provides many wonderful life examples of "balance".  Learn the inner secrets of balancing your body for golf that really will help you learn to balance your life!

Shannon has several DVDs from which to illustrate the power of balance in your game.